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Official corrections and FAQs of the wargame BESTIALWARS


Despite the team Bestialwars always try to make sure that all the material published by them (rulesbook, warbook, etc …) runs perfectly and is compatible with the full range of products, some error is inevitable that escapes. In addition there are many who ask explanations and clarifications regarding rules or actions to take during the game.
That’s why we decided to bring together here the main corrections to the regulations, as well as the questions asked most frequently to Bestialstaff






  • Pg.32- Attacking a fortification

Change the fifth sentence of the paragraph with “A second way to penetrate, it is to attack a section until its hit points down to zero (the only ones who can do it with a ranged attack are just killing machines, with exclusion the ballista) “








If I use the Challange “Interception” (pg 27 of Rulesbook), which model should move first? The opponent who said the office or my that must intercept?

Actually both models move simultaneously. The point on the board in which converge their trajectories represent the place where they will clash.





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