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Editorial of the Scriptorium – June 2015

Editorial of the Scriptorium – June 2015

Once again, welcome, or welcome back, on the Scriptorium of Monasterium Album. Busy days followed one another, allowing us to deliver (as usual) our editorial time. Let’s fix it therefore proceeding quickly to summarize the past month and shed light on what lies ahead

Chronicles of May

  • Tales of paper by G.G.Vinciguerracopertina compressed SMALL

You have not yet bought the new book of our prolific author? Sacrilege! Immediately run on Amazon, or, click here, and remedied without delay to blame. Giovanni and his wonderful works await you in the comfortable Kindle format to be read and reread whenever you want.

They have seen the light of the first episodes of lucubre story inspired by the winning photograph of our competition. Arcane horrors and disturbing suspicions make their way from the past, threatening to drag Marco and his friends in a spiral of damnation. Absolutely do not miss new episodes until the last amazing episode.

  • Etnacomics

Together with the boys of Antro dell’orco of Messina, we were there to support our favorite wargame: Bestialwars. As always the Etnacomics gave the best of themselves, with dozens of events, special guests and exclusive news. Do not miss our report (available soon) on the most important festival of comics and pop culture of the South Italy.

A new section dedicated to Bestialwars was activated: how many of you have noticed that there are both Faq minor corrections of the Rules. The Scriptorium starts so to become more and more a reference point for this fantastic expanding universe.

We could not close the section chronicles without mentioning the very short history of Dante, the last bowman, that you could enjoy the first part. Inspired by a wonderful diorama of F. Costrini, the story is set in a parallel world, Àdeio, which will be gradually revealed in further narrative cycles and that, hopefully, would eventually give birth to a real setting to use in your RPG Favourites.

Preview of Maggio

  • Telefilm

Set aside (temporarily) the project concerning the souls, our authors have taken the plunge body and soul to follow a new license plate BBC series, inspired by the famous novel by Susanna Clarke: “Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrel”. Soon we will publish a series of articles about the show to try to spread in Italy and in the World and help him achieve the success it deserves right

  • Tales

As mentioned above, within the month we will end the narrative cycle of “The Monastery” and the “Dante, the last bowman”, but fear not, new stories are already in preparation and will be released sooner than you expect

  • Shop

At a very short will be available and active our shop, through which you can easily buy the works badged The Scriptorium, miniatures of Bestialwars and more


The summer heat is advancing, but fear not: the Scriptorium will always be with you to take you to discover new worlds and new realities Freedom is a precious good, but the greatest freedom of all is the ability to express their thoughts.

Lo Scriptorium

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