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Dante, the last bowman- third episode

Dante, the last bowman- third episode

Ends here the first of many adventures of Dante, the last bowman, a character loosely based on the diorama of F. Costrini

Bosco di Bresa

– Piece of idiot! At one moment you took me too! –

Dante threw himself to the side, narrowly avoiding being hit in turn. He grabbed a big stick, waited until Adasio scaricasse the weapon, then he dropped a sound beating on the helmet of the warrior, denting like an overripe fruit and forcing him to kneel

– Stay down filthy worm –

He is now gasping. Nauseating ichor dripped profusely from his wounds, smoking in contact with air and ammorbandola. Dante hit him again with growing anger, only to break in two branch.

– Adasio, Beno you want to continue to spit fire or not? Hurry, do not leave him time to recover –

Adasio ran himself to being encounter, brandishing his rifle as a club

– It is jammed, malignant fate –

Undeterred he began to beat the warrior like a madman, using the butt of

– Beno, where are you? Move that your fat ass and give us a hand, dammit –

Dante walked away a few paces, retrieved the bow and pulled the cloth contained in quiver his secret weapon: an arrow in ash wood with the tip silvery

– God, light is that Father Camillo was sober enough to have uttered the words of blessing exact –

He took aim

– Adasio, moved, now! –

He threw the weapon sanctified against the second eye of the warrior, hitting him in full. These slumped to the ground, starting to smoke as if the embers covassero inside. In just a few minutes and he did not move again. Beno, meanwhile, emerged from the forest floor, covered with leaves and mud.

– He died? –

– No thanks to you, barrel grease –

– Wait a minute: who do you think has done to that hole in the chest? Your darts of hell? –

– And who do you think that has returned in the same hell from which you crawled out of? Your pebbles lead? –

– Stop it. Both … is not the time –

Adasio then touched the body with the toe of his boot.

– Definitely has gone –

Beno wiped his face and his eyes wandered all around

– We should … you know … we should at least bury Curzo. So the animals do not … the hell you know, right? –

– First we seek his head. The bastard must have left it here, somewhere –

– No! –

Dante knelt and interrupted them with angrily

– No, first we see in his face the bastard. I want to know who it is or what it is –

He kicked the helmet, which flew off rolling. What they saw he left them stone. The head, if a head it was, looked like a big boss whitish, streaked by blue veins.

– What the hell is? –

Cautiously they turned it, faced with a huge mouth bristling with teeth thin and sharp, and a sort of flat face, with slits for the eyes, but no nose and ears. The broken shaft of the dart being pulled from the bulb to the left about half a palm, completing the grotesque figure. Beno covered his mouth with his hand and said,

– It looks like … I do not know … it looks like some kind of … of … of giant worm worm. Like those who use to go fishing, you know? –

– Do not know about you, but I’m not going to know what it looks like underneath. Dante, Did you have ever seen anything like that? –

– Never –

They stayed a few more moment to contemplate astonished., Until they were joined by various noises

– What was that? –

– I do not know but I do not like. Beno, Adasio, pick up your things and get out, quickly –

– But Curzo? –

– Do you mean to take it on their shoulders? Certainly not me. Now he begins to work legs –

– May I ask what the hell is wrong with you? –

– What the hell got into me? I’ll tell you: This here was neither owned nor a rebel nor a madman. It was something else, something never seen before. Something new. And if there was one, there must be other. Do you understand? By this time his friends have heard her screams and stand heading here in a gallop, then Let’s get out. NOW! –

– Yours are just guesses … it might just be a mutation isolated due to some parasite, or … –

Other noises joined them, as if dozens of heavy boots trampled undergrowth

– … Or maybe it’s better to do as Dante says. Let’s get out Adasio –

Beno darted away as if he still had twenty years, followed immediately by the other two. In the clearing he fell silent again. A few minutes and the stillness was interrupted by the arrival of six figures: they all wore thick armor, similar to that of the dead comrade. Some seemed very old, others were composed of several parts assembled together. The taller, he was holding a halberd, he watched the scene for a while. Let out of gurgling sounds and then, after taking off his helmet, he began to eat the body of comrade killed, immediately imitated by others.

Even more distant, safe on a rocky ledge, a figure wrapped in a thick green blanket put the powerful binocular and wrote a few lines of notes on a well-worn book

– Interesting, this is definitely something new … –

chapter One- In the wood – end

G.G.Vinciguerra, translated by Francesco Costrini (Copyright Monasterium Album)

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