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Batman: secret origins

Batman: secret origins

Do you think you know everything about Batman and his dark crusade just because you have seen the recent trilogy to the movies? Wrong. There are at least 10 things that very few people know about his distant origins and that we reveal exclusive, starting with the fact that Batman was born as comic …

  • The author are “two”

Officially, the “father” of Batman has always regarded Bob Kane; but in reality to give the Dark Knight his inimitable look and many characteristic features was his collaborator Bill Finger, then overshadowed by the fame of Kane.

  • No past

When Kane and Finger sketched the character of Batman, they focused on his image, so he struck readers, prompting them to buy the magazine which sheltered him (today we would say that they put up a marketing operation); They did not feel the slightest need to recount the past (as it had done with Siegel and Shuster Superman the year before). The origin of the tormented Batman was written months later, and only after the incessant demands of readers.

  • Question of money

Kane was a penniless artist who worked at the National Periodicals, creating humor strips or tertiary characters filling. When he learned that the authors of steel man earned $ 800 a week, he stood by his friend Sullivan (Director of the National) and offered him a deal: by Monday (it was Friday afternoon) would be given a second Superman but he had guarantee him the same money to Siegel and Shuster.

  • A journal, Prima apparizione Batmana name, a publishing house

The first adventure of Batman appeared in 1939, the number 27 of Detective Comics, a pulp magazine which housed mainly black stories and characters inspired by the G-man American. With the appearance of Batman, however, all of them were gradually overshadowed, until the magazine hosted the only crusader hooded. With the passing of time was so successful, that ended up giving its name to the same publisher: DC

  • From movies to the comic, from the comic to the movies

Kane and Finger, creating Batman, drew liberally in several films of the era, including:

  • THE MARK OF ZORRO (1921) from which they copied the idea of an executioner with a double identity
  • THE BAT WHISPERS (1930) which inspired for the dark atmosphere and the Gothic
  • DRACULA (1931) for the use of the coat that could turn into a kind of wings

While Superman is clearly inspired by the mythological figure of Hercules, Batman was born already as strong creature film, which helped a lot, as a result, its transposition before on television and a movie

  • Batman in red

Kane initially designed one skatch of Batman in which the character appeared dressed in a red jumpsuit and with his face covered by a mask like the one Zorro. Finger found it rather ridiculous and insisted on giving him the classic gray robe with hood. In particular the famous pointy ears were copied from the image of a bat recovered in an encyclopedia for children.

  • Questionof symbols

The first Batman had the well-known logo on the chest. Kane and Finger drew the other hand, a real bat. In later stories, however, decided that it was too difficult to achieve, so Kane reduced it to a simple stylized image, though devoid of the distinctive yellow outline (designed to appear years later)

  • Bat-gadgets and batmobile

batmobile di burtonIn the early stories, Batman was still wearing his famous Batman’s utility belt, filled with all its amazing gadgets. It was added only later, following the successful fashion launched by the character of Doc Savage. Different speech for the batmobile, present from the earliest tables. Its form, however, was that of a normal car of the forties, the anonymous body, painted red: the only peculiarity was the hot rod. Only as a result of the show of the sixties, he began the long string of Batmobiles, some extravagant, similar to other tanks. The most famous, however, is that created by Tim Burton for his feature film, still considered one of the most beautiful cars ever to appear in the film.

  • The dark side of Batman

Despite the air of doing good and the grin of Batman sixties, or the sharp jokes but the strong sense of justice of the nineties (to say nothing of the soul tormented Batman contemporary), the man was not born as a bat positive character, indeed. The first Batman was violent, vengeful, unscrupulous: let the wicked die in a pool of acid or hurled them down from the balconies, coming even to use a gun. The character, probably, would have continued along this false-line, if National had not informed the public that Kane and Finger Batman was increasingly adolescent and were to shave the violence present in the stories, flanking them with a positive figure and solar: Robin, the boy wonder.Batman con pistola

  • The Batman or Batman?

The original title of the masked crusader comics was “Batman” but “The Batman”. Even within the stories of the other characters turned to the Dark Knight with the nickname of “The Batman”. Only after the huge success of this hero was decided to delete this item leaving only the name, now so well it is known that it has become a real trademark.

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