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The new book by G.G.Vinciguerra : Tales of paper

The new book by G.G.Vinciguerra : Tales of paper

Dear Readers of the Scriptorium, we are proud to present exclusively the new book in Kindle, by GGVinciguerra, “Tales of paper: The many facets of life wrapped in the coils of the tip of a pen”

Realized with the collaboration of F. Costrini, who created the graphics, layout, and translation from italian,  the e-book is a collection of the best short stories of our most active collaborator. Rounding out the work two poems, a tribute to this form of communication, rather than art, more and more left to itself.

The Author

-Giovanni, When did “Tales of Paper” born?-G.G.Vinciguerra

-In reality it is not born, or the stories that make up the e-book, they all had a different genesis. The book was only an opportunity to bring them together, allowing you to appreciate the subtle thread that links them-

-So That is all part of the same speech?-

-Actually they represent a single speech, a sort of evolution of my thought-

-What is the core of this path?-

-The human inability to truly understand the reality around us. Because of that we create for themselves illusions, preconceptions, fairytale precisely. But these stories are not real, they do not represent what happens to us or around us. Are only illusions, paper sheets that are filled with words to give meaning to our lives-

-From wich the title: “Tales of paper”?-

-Exactly. And when the story ends, when the sheet is burning, we are left with the ashes, nevertheless unable to realize that reality was always there, blatant, and that we were to hide in order not to deal with ita-

The work

-Francesco, you have edited the technical part of the book. Why did you choose to turn it into an ebook? –6a4a22b3f61a637e145f799d8c348793

-Giovanni and I are convinced that it is necessary to always remember their origins and traditions, but that you can not live only of them. We live in an era highly digitized, so the best choice was to publish a digital work, keeping up with the times-

-On which platform is available?-

-We chose the Amazon platform, and because the popular, and because it provided the right tools for our purpose-

-The format you choose, or the Kindle, it will be limiting?-

-No. In Italy there are more than 6 million readers Kindle. Moreover, always on Amazon, you can download the appropriate software to be installed on PCs, tablets and smartphones that allow reading the book-

-Besides the layout and digital conversion, which took care of other aspects of the work?-

-The graphics work, in “Tales  of paper” has involved the realization of the cover-

Tales of Paper

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Library of Monasterium Album

The work has opened our editorial section of Amazon: Library Monasterium Album. Through it, soon we will publish many other works, both in Kindle format and on paper. So we take advantage of the occasion to invite anyone who wanted to publish his work, be it a novel, a comic book, a collection of poems or short stories, to contact us.

Link to “Tales of paper”