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Freedom is a precious good, but the greatest freedom is to express their thoughts 


There are no arts major or minor, but different ways of expressing themselves 


The future and the technology come from our tradition, not  t supplant it

Giovanni Gaetano Vinciguerra

Giovanni Gaetano Vinciguerra

Editor, writer

Born in Catania. He lived many years in Rome. Majoring in archeology and culture of the East now actively collaborates with many independent publications dealing with issues fantasy and horror. 
Jacob Liar

Jacob Liar

Graphic, artwork, photographer

Italo-American, born in New York, traveler, photographer and designer, has been actively involved in recent projects 3d-art-related fantasy universe. Co-author, with GGVinciguerra, several young books. Currently working with the staff of the wargame independent Bestialwars and with the Scriptorium as  artwork editor and writer.

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